100% Transfer Paint Application

Taiksha USA Inc & our worldwide parent company Taikisha LTD,are pleased to offer our 100% transfer efficiency, minimal-overspray paint applicators for use with robotic paint application systems. Our proprietary technology uses electrostatic atomization and is ideal for coating vehicles in Automotive, Aerospace, Trucking, & Motorcycle paint shops.

100% Transfer Paint Applicator

Taikisha USA Inc. offers custom design/build services to integrate our proprietary, automated, 100% transfer, precision paint application system, which can be used in industrial painting systems in the automotive, heavy trucking, aerospace, vehicle, and other industrial manufacturing industries.


  1. 100% transfer efficiency
  2. No paint mist scattering
  3. Minimal overspray on dual colors
  4. Smaller booth required
  5. Shorter/smaller building
  6. ~90% less airflow needed - smaller air supply equipment
  7. Smaller exhaust treatment equipment
  8. ~70% less energy used
  9. Less paint used, no paint wasted
  10. Less dirt created from dried paint overspray
  11. No hazardous waste created from paint sludge or limestone powder or cardboard boxes

  1. Reduced initial capital costs - lower airflow needed and a smaller, lower-cost booth may be used, plus a shorter & smaller building is required to house the paint booth.
    • No booth plenum required
    • No underbooth scrubber required
  2. Reduced operating costs - less paint use, lower airflow, less energy needed, lower maintenance and cleaning costs.
    • Reduced paint consumption
    • Reduce air volume needed, smaller ASH units
    • Reduction of paint overspray & dirt creation, so less cleaning required
  3. Reduced environmental impact - reduced airflow leads to reduced energy use, and there's no paint overspray to capture and dispose of. Reduced VOC and exhaust volumes.
    • CO2: 80% reduction
    • VOC: 50% reduction

How it works

In a traditional bell applicator, compressed, dry air is used to atomize the paint particles and "shoot" them towards the target object to be painted.

But in the new Taikisha i-ESTA 100TE Electrostatic atomization coating system, no compressed air is used for spraying, so no scattering of the paint particles is seen. The paint is pumped to the applicator, and applied via electric force only.

Since there is no airflow around the object, the paint mist particles are not scattered in all directions, and a relatively clean line with 100% coating efficiency may be achieved. A small mask is still needed for dual-color two-tone painting.


  1. Atomizer
  2. Robot
  3. High Voltage Controller
  4. Paint supply gear pump & dosing pump

This application system is currently limited to metal bodies, due to the electric force needed to attract the paint.

Learn more about the entire Paint System
Taikisha i-ESTA overspray-free paint applicator

painting automotive door panel with new TKS i-ESTA paint applicator

TKS zero overspray paint applicator 100% transfer efficiency

TKS i-ESTA concept zero overspray paint applicator 100% transfer efficiency
new paint booth size

Two tone Paint Application

The i-ESTA paint applicator changes the masking requirements from a full-body mask to protection from overspray everywhere, to a very localized mask of 6-8 inches. This new mask requirement will speed up the two-tone paint process and reduced time required to mask each vehicle. A standard two-tone roof and A-pillar would only require masking at the bottom of each A-pillar, for example.

New booth style

The 100% transfer efficiency (TE) paint applicator completely changes the requirements and specification for a high-volume paint booth. High-downdraft paint booth are no longer needed. Paint overspray capturing scrubbers under the booth are no longer needed, instead just a simple craft paper filter with minimal airflow to capture the reduced VOCs that are released as the paint is drying as the solvents flash off.