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Taikisha USA Inc.  is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company for large-scale industrial paint systems for the automotive, heavy trucking, motorcycles, aerospace, and general industries.

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    Our associates are the heart and soul of Taikisha USA Inc.

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    Who We Are

    Taikisha USA Inc. is a global organization primarily focused within the Automotive Painting Finishing Industry, offering engineering, design, and construction services to our global customer base.

    Taikisha USA Inc. (Formerly TKS Industrial Co.) was established in 1981 as the North American division of Taikisha Ltd.   Taikisha USA is currently headquartered in Troy, Michigan - Taikisha USA is part of the global Taikisha LTD group, a world leader in HVAC and Paint Finishing Systems.

    Taikisha LTD specializes in large-scale industrial heating, ventilation, humidifying, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for large buildings and industrial plants. Taikisha USA can provide turnkey paint finishing systems including building, conveyors, process equipment, automation, etc.

    Taikisha USA provides paint booths, industrial ovens, and other paint systems to major Fortune 500 manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Subaru, Kia, Harley Davidson, The Boeing Company, major Semi-truck manufacturers, and more.

    Clients come first in everything we do

    Taikisha USA Inc. is committed to providing our Customers with products and services that meet or exceed expectations. We will identify and anticipate the Customers’ current and future needs and create and implement quality products to satisfy those needs. Through this, we aim to maintain an impeccable reputation in our field and ensure our success well into the future.

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    Message From The President

    "Taikisha USA Inc. is a world class designer and builder of Paint Finishing Systems for the automotive and related industries. We are dedicated to continually provide our customers with products and services of only the highest possible quality."

    "Integrity is in the forefront of our every business endeavor. How we are perceived by our customers, suppliers and associates will determine our future. Also, how we achieve our goal is as significant as the goal. Therefore, we will conduct ourselves in such a manner as to convey our credo of honesty, fairness and ethical behavior."

    -- Robert Booth III - Troy, Michigan

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