Industrial HVAC

See where Taikisha USA has installed large industrial HVAC systems in North America.

Industrial HVAC Projects

Taikisha USA designs, fabricates, installs, and commissions large industrial HVAC and large-scale air handling systems for:

Taikisha USA designs and sources advanced industrial fan equipment, including fan motors and blades. A variable frequency drive (VFD) can be used to dynamically adjust the rate at which the fan is spinning, to adjust the air volume and pressure differential created in real time. Precise handling of air flow and climate control is critical to many industrial processes including paint robots inside paint booths for vehicle painting.

Industrial Air Conditioning

Projects List

Automotive Body Paint


Installed 2015 by TKS Industrial.

TKS   installed advanced HVAC modifications at the paint shop, including up-sizing fans, relocating duct runs, increasing HEPA filtration and other modifications for indoor air quality and process air quality. Reducing particle counts and the level of dirt in the air is critical to achieving a quality paint finish. Taikisha USA  offers all levels of HVAC systems, from basic, low-cost building HVAC to the strictest cleanrooms for R&D and hospitals.

Automotive Bumper Paint


Installed 2015 by TKS Industrial.

TKS installed three (3) complete bumper paint lines for Automotive bumper production, including fresh air supply houses, recycle air supply houses and the associated supply and return ductwork. TKS also installed chiller units for the ASH air cooling and heater boxes and burners for air heating and dehumidification. Taikisha USA also offers a specialized high pressure humidification (HPH) system with nozzles providing RO water spray for air humidifications with the ASH units.

Automotive Vehicle Body Paint


Installed 2017 by TKS Industrial.

A major Automotive Assembly Plant (AAP) selected TKS Industrial as the turnkey general contractor for their new body paint system, including a giant air conditioning and air handling system servicing over 200,000 cubic feet per minute.

The new HVAC system also includes Merv 13 rated clean rooms next to the robot paint spray booths.